We host drop-in sessions for ice hockey players to get together and practice, train or take part in a casual game. We know there’s a high demand for ice time so we’ll be adding drop-in sessions to our schedule as the space becomes available.


  • All participants (including goalies) are required to pre purchase tickets online prior to arrival
  • We will allow a maximum of 20 people (including staff) in the Henke Rink area at any given time
  • ‘Group Activities’ are limited to 10. We are permitted to have either 10 people on the ice at any given time (potentially alternating) or divide the ice in half and have two separated groups of 10
  • The rink area alone is 1,800 square metres allowing ample and sufficient space under the 4 metre rule provided skaters maintain their distance (90m2 for 20 skaters on ice, 180m2 for 10 skaters)
  • A designated area with seating at 1.5 metre interval spacing will be provided for each session
  • The venue will allocate a Supervisor to each session who is responsible for overseeing each session and monitoring under Covid-19 safe guidelines
  • Participants are required to maintain 1.5 metre distancing (length of a Hockey Stick) wherever possible
  • Non-competitive, non-contact activities only
  • No change rooms will be available (toilets will be). Come ready to play
  • No sharing of any clothing, equipment or other gear
  • No spectators will be permitted, only active participants or officials within restriction capacities
  • No spitting anywhere in the venue
  • Skaters are to use the main venue entrance and asked to move quickly through the foyer area and remain in the Henke Rink space until leaving. Skaters may be asked to exit through the side doors
  • Sessions will be timed and supervised to ensure that all participants have exited the building prior to the next group being admitted
  • Signage and communications will be deployed to reinforce proper hygiene, social distancing and other safe practices
  • Participants and officials to abide by the direction of Rink Staff at all times


Stick & Puck is a drop-in session for adults and kids to come and train, or just puck around with friends and practice shooting goals. You need to bring your own equipment including stick and helmet. We are unable to share equipment under the current Covid-19 safe guidelines.

Price$25 per person
Duration1.5 hours
ScheduleSee our weekly schedule here 


Adult Drop In Hockey is the opportunity to turn up and play a game. It is an adults only game and all players must be over 18. You’ll need to bring your own jersey (bring a light and a dark just in case), and your own full ice hockey gear. Pucks are provided by O’Brien Icehouse.

Price$25 per person
Duration1.5 to 2 hours
ScheduleSee our weekly schedule here


Our Silver Membership includes 10 x Stick and Puck/Adult Drop In Sessions OR upgrade your Gold or Black Membership for just $180 to include these sessions with unlimited public skating. See our Memberships Page for more details. 

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