Whether you’re watching other skaters cut the ice or refuelling after cutting some yourself, warm up at our Igloo café with a hot drink and a snack. 

We have all the classics including a selection of toasted sandwiches, pastries, muffins, Be Fit Food dim sims and hot dogs. Or you can select something from our made-to-order menu which features burgers, fish and chips, nachos, classic Canadian Poutine and more. 

We ask that you do not bring any external food or drinks into the venue.

Igloo Café open 10:00am to 6:00pm daily.


O’Brien Icehouse is now cashless and will only be accepting EFTPOS at all transaction points.  We recommend pre-booking your tickets through our website prior to arrival, however, tickets may still be available at the door and payment must be through EFTPOS.