As a business we’re aiming to implement sustainable practices across all departments in the venue. Recently you may have noticed some changes in our start towards a more sustainable Arena. 

Already implemented:

  • Recycle bins located venue wide and lined with clear biodegradable bags 
  • Paper recycle bin in our main office
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly paper used in our printer

Currently being implemented:

  • Branded KeepCups have been ordered and will be for sale in the café as soon as possible
  • A discount will be provided to customers using their own cups 
  • We will be listed on Responsible Cafes
  • White napkins will be replaced with recycled napkins
  • Plastic cutlery will be replaced with biodegradable corn starch cutlery
  • Drink trays will be replaced with recycled trays
  • Will be creating a ‘finishing station’ in the café for coffee lids etc
  • High use stationary items that are environmentally friendly/contain recycled material will be used

Future implementations:

  • Sourcing a recyclable straw option
  • Sourcing biodegradable plate/bowl option

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