O’Brien Group is Australia and New Zealand’s largest privately owned Hospitality and Leisure company. For over 25 years, O’Brien Group has operated within Australasia’s premier venues. Celebrating its 25th year, O’Brien Group Australia is an integrated company with multiple contracts including venue and facilities management, food and beverage operations, leisure resorts, licensed clubs, hotels, restaurants and ticketing. It has also built up a formidable property portfolio of key sites within Australia. Today with over 6,500 dedicated and passionate employees, 14 million customers served on an annual basis and a host of exciting new ventures, O’Brien Group continues to build and maintain its many long-term relationships with major sporting stadia and leisure venues.


O’Brien Icehouse has a diverse appeal as a recreational activity for public skaters, a training ground for winter sports enthusiasts and a great day or night out for Hockey spectators.

Over 800,000 people visit O’Brien Icehouse every year from all over Australia.

Our primary visitor segments are the difficult to reach active families and independent teens and the emerging growth segments of ice skating enthusiasts and hockey fans.

They love active leisure pursuits and want social intersection with family and friends. They are also interested in trying something new, stretching the boundaries and seeking positive, vibrant and energising experiences.

Throughout our programs, facilities and campaigns O’Brien Icehouse continually promotes the health and well being of the community as this aligns with the public of which 46% of people think about living a healthier lifestyle everyday.

O’Brien Icehouse is home to the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and the Melbourne training base of our current and future Winter Olympians.

We also have a number of aligned resident club partnerships operating out of the venue which can provided extended community reach to the Health and Well Being Partner.

Contact O’Brien Icehouse General Manager Lee Gordon to discuss this opportunity


O’Brien Icehouse is recognised as the National Ice Sports and Skating Centre.

We have an extensive learning program for primary and secondary schools aligned to AUSvels schools curriculum. Within our Programs department we have our own resident skate school with professional coaches and academies for both Hockey and Figure Skating enthusiasts. For recreational skaters we run free 15 minute lessons during peak skating periods to improve our visitor experience and channel them into our skate school learning program.

Our mission is to grow a vibrant ice sports and skating culture in Australia and we will continue to invest in our learning programs to achieve this.

We have 35,000 school children visit O’Brien Icehouse every year on school excursions and as well as participating in one of our many active and enthusiastic on-ice activities which include skating and hockey we have a number of spaces available to be used as learning rooms.

Our membership program will support our learning initiatives as we have created tiered memberships from beginners starting out to enthusiasts who visit multiple times per week.

Contact O’Brien Icehouse General Manager Lee Gordon to discuss this opportunity


O’Brien Icehouse has a number of supply partners and we value their support.

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