Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle Code of Conduct

Freestyle Bradbury Rink Zones

Freestyle Henke Rink Zones

  • Freestyle Sessions are designated figure skating training sessions.
  • You can train independently or with a Coach. Please click here to see our Private Coaches
  • There is a maximum of 30 Skaters on ice.
  • Skaters are to abide by the direction of Icehouse Staff at all times
  • Skaters need to have their own figure skates. You may wear rental figure skates ($5) if you are in a lesson with a Coach.
  • Jump Zones are the end of the rink closet to the front entrance. This area is a No Stop Zone.
  • Entry onto the rink is via the side gates. Please speak to the front desk team if unsure and they are able to point these out.
  • Skaters in a lesson will need to wear a green arm band. Skaters running a program to music orange arm band or vest. These skaters will have right of way. 
  • Coaches have first call on the music but skaters also can put their own music on (bring your music on your phone or iPod we have both mini phono plug or apple lightening plug).
  • Skaters can leave their bags on the sides of the rink (Hockey players box on the Henke rink and closest to the gym on the Bradbury rink). Just ask our team and they will show you.
  • If you are unsure whether these sessions are for ​you, please contact [email protected]

If you are feeling unwell and have any COVID-19 symptoms, we kindly ask you to refrain from coming to the venue and see a doctor immediately. 

Price$20 per person
Duration 1 hour
ScheduleSee our weekly schedule here 

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