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If you’ve just realised the last five birthdays you’ve been to were exactly the same, we can help you get off the hamster wheel with an afternoon on the ice.

Between skating, ice hockey, curling and food and drink packages there’s plenty of opportunity for laughs before heading over to our bar, St. Moritz, to warm up and recount that day’s sporting achievements. 


1-2 Hours


Our cafe can supply your group with healthy and delicious food options that will keep you skating. We are able to cater for specific dietary requirements if we’re notified ahead of time. We don’t serve nuts in any of our food, however we can’t guarantee that our food does not contain traces of nuts.


Your group will be fitted with skates and safety equipment and given a quick 15-minute introductory lesson with one of our trained Ice Ambassadors so you can find your ice-legs. After this you’re free to skate around the subject - and the rink - for the rest of your session.

Rookie Hockey 

You may have never given a puck about ice-hockey, but faced with the opportunity to play with friends, you may find your cold feet warming up. All equipment will be provided along with instructions, tips and tricks from one of our hockey coaches.  


As lawn bowls has gained popularity in the recent years outside of the octogenarian community, the heyday of curling is now upon us. This low-impact game of patience, precision and broomsticks is perfect for an afternoon on the ice and suitable for all skill-levels as there’s no skating required.