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$8 Skate School's Promotion

$8 Skate Schools Offer

$8 Skate Schools Offer

Glide your way into O’Brien Icehouse with our exclusive Schools $8 skate offer. School aged children who have visited the Icehouse with their school are given the opportunity to come back to any of our public skating sessions for only $8!! 

What’s in it for students?
Students can redeem their$8 skate card at the ticketing counter to receive 1 x $8 admission.

Terms & Conditions

1. No further discount received on Tight Ice Tuesdays
2. Only valid during Public Skating sessions - please check the calendar on our website for skating times
3. Card are non transferable
4. Cards can only be redeemed by school children
5. Cards must be returned after promotion redemption
6. Upon redemption a name, DOB, school name and email address must be provided on the back of the card