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Come and Try Curling

Sliding large discs on ice is much harder than it looks, yet thankfully the medieval Scots stuck by their invention and now we have the sport of curling to be thankful for. This low-impact game of patience, precision and broomsticks has gained popularity in recent years with now a world-wide audience of over 1.5 million registered players. 

The amount of strategy and teamwork that goes into choosing the ideal path and placement of each stone, and the skill of the curler to decide how to achieve this has lead to curling being given the nickname of “chess on ice”. 

Come and Try sessions run every Monday night. Please wear rubber soled shoes, warm socks and lose fitted clothing - we'll provide the rest. For more information please visit the Victorian Curling Association website. 


Rink Two

Monday Aug 19th 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Drop In $25