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Ice Hockey Victoria

Ice Hockey Victoria

Ice Hockey Victoria (IHV) is the governing body responsible for promoting, managing and administering the sport of Ice Hockey within Victoria.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out, Ice Hockey Victoria can teach you to excel. Many of the recent Australian teams sent to International World Championships have featured a high number of Victorian players that have come through IHV. 

Competitions are available for all levels of skill and all ages, including seniors and juniors, male and female leagues, as well as player development activities. Ice Hockey Victoria aims to encourage the establishment, development and affiliation of Clubs formed for the purpose of fielding teams competing in ice hockey.

IHV also oversees representative State and National level Ice Hockey matches under the rules adopted by the Australian Ice Hockey Federation. Ice Hockey Victoria will continue to work together with O'Brien Group Arena to develop and advance the sport of Ice Hockey in Victoria, as well as in Australia and internationally.

For more information visit their website.